Small Item Drying Accessory

DUO™ is the perfect partner to LOFTi™. DUO™ features 16 durable hanging clips and easily folds for storage or travel. DUO™ can also break down into separate components that can attach onto the ends of LOFTi™, making the pair an ultimate clothes-drying system.

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 16.69"
  • Height: 16.8"


Key Features

  • Air-dry Small Items
  • Reduces Power Bills
  • Fits Any Home Décor
  • Folds for Space Saving

Product Colors

Pure White
Canary Yellow
Caribbean Blue
Lime Green


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Why LOFTi™ / DUO™

grassLOFTi™/DUO™ is a lifestyle: bringing simplicity back home. Save Money! Air Drying just 3 loads of laundry a week can save up to $10.00 a month.

  • Conserve Energy & the Environment
  • Use Fewer Chemicals
  • Extend the Life of your Textiles
  • Humidify your Home

Installation Instructions

duo_install DUO™ can be used literally anywhere! Originally designed to accompany the LOFTi™ drying rack, DUO™ can also hold it’s own as a stand-alone unit. Some mounting suggestions:

  • DUO™ can be clipped anywhere along LOFTi’s center tube.
  • Hang DUO™ from the bottom hole located on either of LOFTI’s mounting clamps.
  • Separate DUO™ from its center hub and attach to the receivers located on either end of LOFTi™.
  • Click here for full instructions. (PDF)
  • Click here to watch the DUO™/LOFTi™ installation video.

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